The Team

PORTOLA FOUNDATION is a team of product developers and physicians volunteering their time, and experience since 1980 to improve quality of life.

Product Development, Peter Muller, MA Industrial Design, President, INTERFORM 11
Prototype Development, Art Villa, President, A&J Product Solutions 15
Research Director: William H.T. La, M.D. Ph.D. Diagnostician, Chemist 28
Coordinator: Charlie Scurlock, Honorary Ph.D. Founder, Portola Foundation, retired at 40. 32
Legal coordination, Nancy Davinport, freelance poet/writer and editor 8
Ginger Bennett COO, Co-Founder Hypnotheripist 32
Clinical Resources:  
Benjamin R. Mandac, M.D. Department of Pediatric Functional Restoration ,
Department Of Pediatric Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Clinical Assistant
Professor Kaiser Permanenti, and Valley Hospital (Chief)
V.A. Rehabilitation: Elane Date, M.D. (Chief) 28
V.A. Hand Surgery: V.R. Hentz, M.D. (Chief) 29
V.A. Poly Trauma Rehabilitation: Alberto Lopez, (Chief) 5
John Csongradi, M.D., Packard Children’s Hospital, Orthopedic surgery (Chief) 32
San Francisco 49ers Football Team: Lindsy McLean (Head Trainer) 32
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